About Conference

Intelligent systems are technologically advanced machines that perceive and react to their environment. Intelligent systems can take many forms, from automated vacuums just like the Roomba to face recognition software and Amazon's personalized shopping recommendations. Within the late 1950s and early 1960s, researchers began to research how computers can understand and interpret visual information from static images and video sequences. Since then, it's evolved into a strong technology that's essential to the country's industrial, commercial, and government sectors. The world of intelligent systems is usually concerned with how these systems communicate with human users in constantly evolving and sophisticated physical and social settings. Intelligent systems are poised to fill a growing number of roles in today's society, including Industry automation, Service robotics, Field and Assistive robotics, Defense applications, Healthcare, Education Sector, Entertainment, Visual inspection, Character recognition, Biometric Recognition, Visual surveillance, and Intelligent transportation. Research in intelligent systems faces a spread of obstacles, many of which relate to the computational representation of a posh physical environment. Some problems include uncertainty about physical devices, transforming physical environment, time-consuming computing, prediction, and simulation. This conference aims to bring researchers from all around the world together to share research findings and discuss open issues altogether in the areas of Intelligent Computing and Applications. The main target of the conference is finding high-quality research that addresses paradigms, development, applications, and implications within the field of intelligent systems. This conference will also offer a variety of opportunities for delegates to share ideas, applications, and experiences, develop research partnerships, and identify global partners for future collaboration. 

Benefits to Faculty

One of the primary benefits of our international conference is to deliver a paper to experts and influencers that can help delegates develop their research work through positive feedback and constructive criticism. It offers them a forum to share thoughts on your area of interest, paving the way for possible future partnerships.

Another significant reason to attend our international conference is to increase the chances of publishing and indexing the presented work.

Our conference will offer an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with fellow researchers, participants, and experts from the same or related areas of the world.

Consider attending the conference a much-needed break from everyday work and academic duties. It also helps to discover new cities, learn about their culture, and meet new people. After attending the conference, faculty and researchers will feel energized and rejuvenated by going back to university and continuing their studies.


Collect new ideas and establish new partnerships between research groups.

To provide a platform for academic and industry researchers to present their original work and exchange concepts, expertise, techniques, and applications.

Assisting for the publication of the submitted paper in Scopus indexed journals and book chapters.